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Angel Technology Electronics Co Quality Control

Quality Control

Angel Technology Electronic are always be "Customer First,Quality First" as the management concept,through various ways to improve the quality awareness and quality execution of all our colleagues.


Quality awareness training: Annual,quarterly and monthly quality training programs are formulated,regular implement training for different grassroots employees to constantly improving the quality awareness of employees.


Quality results improve aspects: Regular develop the quality target and implement strict rewards and punishment system, To supervise all our staffs are always take the quality as the center in our work by positive and the negative incentives, All of our staffs have to give top priority to quality.


Be strictly to follow our established testing programs and test instrument to guarantee good quality.


Quality inspection process:

Component inspection is the top priority of our quality inspection process.

In order to ensure that our customers are provided with high quality products, our quality inspectors conduct a 2-stage inspection of 100% incoming parts. We can also provide a higher level of testing to provide a reference for our customers.


First stage preliminary inspection
▷ Check item
▷ Quantity
▷ Manufacturer part number
▷ Manufacturers
▷ Date code
▷ lot number
▷ RoHS and MSL
▷ Physical state
▷ Packaging
▷ Barcode verification


Second stage in-depth inspection
▷ Check item
▷ Verify the first stage test results
▷ Use high power microscope to verify whether components are qualified
▷ Security check
▷ Dimensional inspection
▷ Electrical performance test to verify the circuit value of the capacitor
▷ Chip surface chemical reagent test
▷ Acetone test
▷ Take pictures and record it in the database


Third stage Advanced Inspection
We can also send components to professional testing organizations for higher-level testing according to customer's needs.
▷ Check item
▷ Unsealing test
▷ Winding X-ray test
▷ Solderability
▷ Baking


Packaging transportation standard

Inventory management
Angel Technology Electronic provides a third-party warehousing and professional IT inventory management software for customers to achieve seamless docking. The ownership of parts can only be transferred when the customer uses parts.

Angel Technology Electronic's incoming parts have undergone rigorous inspection, and the products are stored in standard anti-static, anti-humidity, anti-high temperature, and the stock are regularly tested to make the parts safe.


Packaging out
The parts are tested for performance during shipment, and the packaging must be waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof. At the same time, Angel Technology Electronics cooperates with a number of international first-class freight companies to ensure that the parts of first- and second-tier cities can be delivered at that day, and arrive the next day. The goods of third-tier cities and remote areas can be delivered at that day and arrive within two days to ensure that customers can receive our products in time.