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JX-40 Honeywell Switch Hardware Auxillary Actuator Lever for 11SX96-T Basic Switch-Electronic components

Electronics Components
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Electronic Components-Switch Accessories
Product Name:
Hardware Auxillary Actuator Lever
SX Series Micro Switch
Basic Snap Action Switches
Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Or Negative Adjustable 0.97V 1 Output 6A 28-WFQFN Exposed Pad
Basic / Snap Action Switches SUBMINI SW SPDT 5A 250Vac PinPlung ACTR
Contact Form:
Mounting Style:
Chassis Mount
Termination Style::
Solder Turret
Actuator Style::

JX-40 Honeywell Switch Hardware Auxillary Actuator Lever for 11SX96-T Basic Switch-Electronic components


JX-40 Honeywell Switch Hardware Auxillary Actuator Lever with 11SX96-T honeywell sensing micro switch sx basic switch Specification :

Part number JX-40
Switch Hardware-electronic components
Basic Switch
Solder Pin
Actuator: Lever
Brand: Honeywell
Height: 14.6 mm
Length: 17.9 mm
Mounting Style: Panel
Product Type: Switch Hardware
Series: JX
Subcategory: Switch Accessories
Voltage Rating: 250 V
Width: 3.04 mm
Unit Weight: 0.134041 oz



1 Low operating force to 3 oz. (85 grams) maximum 1 Sensitive differential travel as low as .001 inch maximum 1 Power load switching capability up to 7 amperes—silver contacts 1 Optional gold contacts for low energy applications 1 Optional bifurcated gold contacts for maximum reliability 1 Long mechanical life up to 10,000,000 cycles—95% survival for 11SX series 1,000,000 cycles—95% survival for1SX series 1 Temperature tolerance −65° to +250°F (−54 to 121°C) on standard construction 1 High temperature designs for up to +400°F (204°C) for 100 hours 1 Variety of integral and auxiliary actuators 1 Choice of several terminal styles 1 MIL-S-8805 qualified products available 1 UL recognized File #E12252, CSA certified file # LR41372.



SX subminiature basic switches are small size precision snap-action switches from MICRO SWITCH. These switches are ideal where savings in space and weight are important. Unless otherwise noted, all listings have silver contacts.



SX switches are available with several types of terminations. The T and T2 terminals provide easy solder lead wire attachment. The H58 terminal offers the simplicity of quick-connect and mate with AMP .058-inch receptacles. Pin terminals allow easy attachment to printed circuit boards.


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JX-40 Honeywell Switch Hardware Auxillary Actuator Lever for 11SX96-T Basic Switch-Electronic components

JX-40 Honeywell Switch Hardware Auxillary Actuator Lever for 11SX96-T Basic Switch-Electronic components


Normally 11SX96 Micrcoswith uses as a set with JX-40:

Part Number 11SX96-T
Category Electronic components
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Product Category: Basic / Snap Action Switches
Series: BA
Type: Miniature
Contact Form: SPDT
Switch Function: ON - (OFF), OFF - (ON)
Actuator: Plunger
Current Rating: 5 A
Voltage Rating AC: 250 VAC
Voltage Rating DC: 28 VDC
Operating Force: 1.7 N
Termination Style: Solder Turret
Mounting Style: Chassis Mount
Actuator Style: Plunger
Brand: Honeywell
Illuminated: Non-Illuminated
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 55 C
Product Type: Snap Action Switches
Subcategory: Switches
Tradename: Microswitch
Unit Weight: 0.047973 oz
Datasheet(PDF) honeywellmicroswitch.pdf



The industry-defining name in snap-action switches, Honeywell MICRO SWITCH premium subminiature switches are designed for repeatability and enhanced product life. The MICRO SWITCH™ SX Series delivers consistent performance within a range of conditions. Offering enhanced repeatability, the MICRO SWITCH™ SX Series’ lower operating force provides for application versatility. Like the MICRO SWITCH SM Series, the SX Series (which is a smaller package) offers gold contacts for low energy switching and bifurcated gold contacts for maximum reliability. Bifurcated contacts provide parallel redundancy within the SX switch.



LONG LIFE With a mechanical life of up to 10,000,000 operations,

SX Series switches boast an industry-leading life cycle.

APPLICATION FLEXIBILITY MICRO SWITCH  SX Series delivers a selection of actuation, electrical termination, and operating characteristics along with high-temperature construction options.


INDUSTRY-LEADING TEMERATURE RANGE With a wide temperature range of -54 °C to 204 °C [-65 °F to 400 °F],

SX Series switches allow for years of reliable performance in harsh conditions.


COMPACT AND ROBUST Built from military-grade components, MICRO SWITCH SX switches deliver MIL-PRF-8805 qualified listings in a lightweight, subminiature package. SX switches are available with FAA-PMA approvals for commercial aircraft applications. EASILY CONTROLS LOW-VOLTAGE DC APPLICATIONS Switches available with a choice of silver, gold-plated, or bifurcated gold contacts to handle a variety of electrical load requirements. GLOBAL APPROVALS UL/CSA, cUL, ENEC, and CE approvals allows the customer to utilize switches in products sold across the globe - in some of the most regulated regions.




In precision switch assemblies for pressure switches and temperature switches

• In power generation, fuel level switch for gas and oil


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12SX2-T Bifurcated gold contacts 0.01 A
3SX1-T Gold-plated contacts
12SX1-T Enhanced reliability (gold
12SX3-T Lowest differential travel,
13SX21-T Gold-plated contacts
11SX1-T Lowest differential travel 3 A
11SX21-T General purpose 5 A
11SX22-T General purpose 5 A
17SX21-T Enhanced stability under
1SX1-T Power-duty switching 7 A
1SX12-T Low differential travel 7 A
1SX48-T Added overtravel 7 A
2SX1-T Lower operating force 7 A
4SX1-T 204 °C [400 °F] for 100
21SX1-T Enhanced stability under
311SX1-T 3,43 mm [0.135 in] straight
313SX1-T 3,43 mm [0.135 in] straight
311SX2-T 12,8 mm [0.505 in] straight
313SX2-T 12,8 mm [0.505 in] straight
311SX3-T 24,5 mm [0.965 in] straight
313SX3-T 24,5 mm [0.965 in] straight
311SX4-T 1,1 mm [0.042 in]
311SX5-T 11,7 mm [0.459 in]





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