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11SX96-T Miniature Snap Action Switch SPDT Honeywell Microswitch

Electronics Components
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Electronic Components
SX Series Micro Switch
Basic Snap Action Switches
Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Or Negative Adjustable 0.97V 1 Output 6A 28-WFQFN Exposed Pad
Basic / Snap Action Switches SUBMINI SW SPDT 5A 250Vac PinPlung ACTR
Contact Form:
Mounting Style:
Chassis Mount
Termination Style::
Solder Turret
Operating Ambient Temperature Range:
-55°C ~ 85°C (TJ)
Actuator Style::
Product Name:
MICRO SWITCH™ Premium Subminiature Basic Switches
High Light:

11SX96-T Miniature Snap Action Switch


SPDT Honeywell Microswitch


Miniature Snap Action Switch SPDT


11SX96-T Microswitch Honeywell Basic Snap Action Switches Miniature SPDT Electronic components


The industry-defining name in snap-action switches, Honeywell MICRO SWITCH premium subminiature switches are designed for repeatability and enhanced product life. The MICRO SWITCH™ SX Series delivers consistent performance within a range of conditions. Offering enhanced repeatability, the MICRO SWITCH™ SX Series’ lower operating force provides for application versatility. Like the MICRO SWITCH SM Series, the SX Series (which is a smaller package) offers gold contacts for low energy switching and bifurcated gold contacts for maximum reliability. Bifurcated contacts provide parallel redundancy within the SX switch.


11SX96-T honeywell sensing micro switch sx basic switch Specification :

Part Number 11SX96-T
Category Electronic components
Manufacturer: Honeywell
Product Category: Basic / Snap Action Switches
Series: BA
Type: Miniature
Contact Form: SPDT
Switch Function: ON - (OFF), OFF - (ON)
Actuator: Plunger
Current Rating: 5 A
Voltage Rating AC: 250 VAC
Voltage Rating DC: 28 VDC
Operating Force: 1.7 N
Termination Style: Solder Turret
Mounting Style: Chassis Mount
Actuator Style: Plunger
Brand: Honeywell
Illuminated: Non-Illuminated
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 55 C
Product Type: Snap Action Switches
Subcategory: Switches
Tradename: Microswitch
Unit Weight: 0.047973 oz
Datasheet(PDF) honeywellmicroswitch.pdf


LONG LIFE With a mechanical life of up to 10,000,000 operations,

SX Series switches boast an industry-leading life cycle.

APPLICATION FLEXIBILITY MICRO SWITCH  SX Series delivers a selection of actuation, electrical termination, and operating characteristics along with high-temperature construction options.


INDUSTRY-LEADING TEMERATURE RANGE With a wide temperature range of -54 °C to 204 °C [-65 °F to 400 °F],

SX Series switches allow for years of reliable performance in harsh conditions.


COMPACT AND ROBUST Built from military-grade components, MICRO SWITCH SX switches deliver MIL-PRF-8805 qualified listings in a lightweight, subminiature package. SX switches are available with FAA-PMA approvals for commercial aircraft applications. EASILY CONTROLS LOW-VOLTAGE DC APPLICATIONS Switches available with a choice of silver, gold-plated, or bifurcated gold contacts to handle a variety of electrical load requirements. GLOBAL APPROVALS UL/CSA, cUL, ENEC, and CE approvals allows the customer to utilize switches in products sold across the globe - in some of the most regulated regions.




In precision switch assemblies for pressure switches and temperature switches

• In power generation, fuel level switch for gas and oil


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12SX2-T Bifurcated gold contacts 0.01 A
3SX1-T Gold-plated contacts
12SX1-T Enhanced reliability (gold
12SX3-T Lowest differential travel,
13SX21-T Gold-plated contacts
11SX1-T Lowest differential travel 3 A
11SX21-T General purpose 5 A
11SX22-T General purpose 5 A
17SX21-T Enhanced stability under
1SX1-T Power-duty switching 7 A
1SX12-T Low differential travel 7 A
1SX48-T Added overtravel 7 A
2SX1-T Lower operating force 7 A
4SX1-T 204 °C [400 °F] for 100
21SX1-T Enhanced stability under
311SX1-T 3,43 mm [0.135 in] straight
313SX1-T 3,43 mm [0.135 in] straight
311SX2-T 12,8 mm [0.505 in] straight
313SX2-T 12,8 mm [0.505 in] straight
311SX3-T 24,5 mm [0.965 in] straight
313SX3-T 24,5 mm [0.965 in] straight
311SX4-T 1,1 mm [0.042 in]
311SX5-T 11,7 mm [0.459 in]


Images :


11SX96-T Miniature Snap Action Switch SPDT Honeywell Microswitch

11SX96-T Miniature Snap Action Switch SPDT Honeywell Microswitch

11SX96-T Miniature Snap Action Switch SPDT Honeywell Microswitch


Normally 11SX96 Micrcoswith uses as a set with JX-40 :

11SX96-T Miniature Snap Action Switch SPDT Honeywell Microswitch

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