MT9D131C12STC 2MP CMOS Image Sensors IC Rotary Position Sensor IC

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Philippines
Brand Name: Onsemi
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: MT9D131C12STC-DR
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pieces
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Sealed tray
Delivery Time: 3-18workding days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PCS

Detail Information

Category: Electronic Components-Integrated Circuits Family: Sensors, Transducers Image Sensors, Camera Ic
For Measuring: Rotary Position Base Part Number: MT9D131
PACKAGE: CLCC48 Output: Analog Voltage
Actuator Type: External Magnet, Not Included Series: Image Sensor Components
Voltage - Supply: 4.5V ~ 5.5V Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 125°C
High Light:

2MP CMOS Image Sensors IC




MT9D131C12STC Image Sensors IC

Product Description

MT9D131C12STC-DR SENSOR IMAGE 2MP CMOS 48-CLCC onsemi Transducers Image Sensors IC


Applications :

• Network Security Cameras

• ePTZ Cameras

• High Resolution Security Camera

• Wireless Cameras

• Consumer Video Products


Features • Superior Low-light Performance • Ultra-low-power, Cost Effective • Internal Master Clock Generated by on-chip Phase- locked Loop Oscillator (PLL) • Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS), Progressive Scan • Integrated Image Flow Processor (IFP) for Single-die Camera Module • Automatic Image Correction and Enhancement, Including Lens Shading Correction • Arbitrary Image Decimation with Anti-aliasing • Integrated Real-time JPEG Encoder • Integrated Microcontroller for Flexibility • Two-wire Serial Interface Providing Access to Registers and Microcontroller Memory • Selectable Output Data Format: ITU-R BT.601 (YCbCr), 565RGB, 555RGB, 444RGB, JPEG 4:2:2, JPEG 4:2:0, and raw 10-bit • Output FIFO for Data Rate Equalization • Programmable I/O Slew Rate.


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1. Ordering Information


Product Code Temperature Code Package Code Option Code Packing Form Code
MLX90316 S DC BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 E DC BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 K DC BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 L DC BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 E GO BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 K GO BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 L GO BCG-000 RE
MLX90316 K DC BCG-200 RE
MLX90316 K GO BCG-200 RE
MLX90316 K DC BCG-300 RE
MLX90316 K GO BCG-300 RE
MLX90316 E DC BDG-100 RE
MLX90316 K DC BDG-100 RE
MLX90316 L DC BDG-100 RE
MLX90316 E GO BDG-100 RE
MLX90316 K GO BDG-100 RE
MLX90316 L GO BDG-100 RE
MLX90316 L GO BDG-102 RE
MLX90316 L DC BDG-102 RE
MLX90316 L DC BCS-000 RE




Temperature Code: S: from -20 Deg.C to 85 Deg.C

E: from -40 Deg.C to 85 Deg.C

K: from -40 Deg.C to 125 Deg.C

L: from -40 Deg.C to 150 Deg.C


Package Code: “DC” for SOIC-8 package

“GO” for TSSOP-16 package (dual die)


Option Code: AAA-xxx: die version

xxx-000: standard

xxx-100: SPI

xxx-102: SPI75AGC, see section 13.4.2

xxx-200: PPA (Pre-programmed Analog)

xxx-300: PPD (Pre-programmed Digital)


Packing Form: “RE” for Reel

“TU” for Tube


Ordering Example: MLX90316KDC-BCG-000-TU


Glossary of Terms


Gauss (G), Tesla (T) Units for the magnetic flux density - 1 mT = 10 G

TC Temperature Coefficient (in ppm/Deg.C.)

NC Not Connected

PWM Pulse Width Modulation

%DC Duty Cycle of the output signal i.e. TON /(TON + TOFF)

ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter

LSB Least Significant Bit MSB Most Significant Bit

DNL Differential Non-Linearity INL Integral Non-Linearity

RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer

ASP Analog Signal Processing DSP Digital Signal Processing

ATAN Trigonometric function: arctangent (or inverse tangent) IMC Integrated Magneto-Concentrator (IMC®)

CoRDiC Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer (i.e. iterative rectangular-to-polar transform)

EMC Electro-Magnetic Compatibility


4. Pinout



Analog / PWM Serial Protocol Analog / PWM Serial Protocol


2 Test 0 Test 0 VSS1 (Ground1) VSS1 (Ground1)

3 Switch OUT /SS VDD1 VDD1

4 Not Used / OUT 2 (2) SCLK Test 01 Test 01

5 OUT MOSI / MISO Switch OUT2 /SS2

6 Test 1 Test 1 Not Used2 SCLK2


8 VSS (Ground) VSS (Ground) Test 12 Test 12


10 VSS2 (Ground2) VSS2 (Ground2)

11 VDD2 VDD2

12 Test 02 Test 02

13 Switch OUT1 /SS1

14 Not Used1 SCLK1


16 Test 11 Test 11

For optimal EMC behavior, it is recommended to connect the unused pins (Not Used and Test) to the Ground.


5. Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Value

Supply Voltage, VDD (overvoltage) + 20 V

Reverse Voltage Protection - 10 V

Positive Output Voltage – Standard Version + 10 V

(Analog or PWM) + 14 V (200 s max – TA = + 25 Deg.C)

Positive Output Voltage – SPI Version VDD + 0.3V

Positive Output Voltage (Switch Out)  

+ 10 V

+ 14 V (200 s max – TA = + 25 Deg.C)

Output Current (IOUT) ± 30 mA

Reverse Output Voltage - 0.3 V

Reverse Output Current - 50 mA

Operating Ambient Temperature Range, TA - 40 Deg.C … + 150 Deg.C

Storage Temperature Range, TS - 40 Deg.C … + 150 Deg.C

Magnetic Flux Density ± 700 mT

Exceeding the absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage. Exposure to absolute maximum-

rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.


(Broken Track Diagnostic) (7)   BVSSPU  

Broken VSS (8) &

Pull-up load RL ≥ 1 kΩ

  99 100 %VDD

Broken VDD (8) &

Pull-down load RL ≥ 1 kΩ

  0 1 %VDD

Broken VDD &

Pull-up load to 5 V


No Broken Track

diagnostic %VDD

Clamped Output Level (9)  

Clamp_lo Programmable 0 100 %VDD

Clamp_hi Programmable 0 100 %VDD

Switch Out (10)  

Sw_lo Pull-up Load 1.5 kΩ to 5 V 0.55 1.1 V

Sw_hi Pull-up Load 1.5 kΩ to 5 V 3.65 4.35 V



7. Isolation Specification

DC Operating Parameters at VDD = 5V (unless otherwise specified) and for TA as specified by the

Temperature suffix (S, E, K or L). Only valid for the package code GO i.e. dual die version.

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Units

Isolation Resistance Between dice 4 MΩ

8. Timing Specification

DC Operating Parameters at VDD = 5V (unless otherwise specified) and for TA as specified by the

Temperature suffix (S, E, K or L).

Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Units

Main Clock Frequency Ck  

Slow mode (11)

Fast mode (11)







Sampling Rate  

Slow mode (11)

Fast mode (11)







Step Response Time Ts  

Slow mode (11), Filter = 5 (12)

Fast mode (11), Filter = 0 (12) 400








Watchdog Wd See section 14 5 ms

Start-up Cycle Tsu Slow and Fast mode (11) 15 ms

Analog Output Slew Rate  

COUT = 42 nF

COUT = 100 nF







PWM Frequency FPWM PWM Output Enabled 100 1000 Hz

Digital Output Rise Time  

Mode 5 – 10 nF, RL = 10 kΩ

Mode 7 – 10 nF, RL = 10 kΩ







Digital Output Fall Time  

Mode 5 – 10 nF, RL = 10 kΩ

Mode 7 – 10 nF, RL = 10 kΩ













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