Xilinx Spartan 6 XC6SLX16 2FTG256C FPGA IC Field Programmable Gate Array

Product Details:
Place of Origin: TAIWAN
Brand Name: XILINX
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: XC6SLX16-2FTG256C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pieces
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Tray/REEL
Delivery Time: 3-15days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs

Detail Information

Category: Integrated Circuits(IC) Family: Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC
Series: XILINX Spartan-6 Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Voltage - Supply: 1.14V ~ 1.26V Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 100°C (TJ)
Package: BGA676 Number Of I/O: 358
Total RAM Bits: 2138112 Number Of Logic Elements/Cells: 43661
Base Part Number: XC6SLX16
High Light:

Xilinx Spartan 6 XC6SLX16





Product Description

XC6SLX16-2FTG256C Spartan-6 XILINX FPGAs Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA IC


Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Embedded - XILINX FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)
Spartan®-6 LX
Part Number XC6SLX16-2FTG256C
Part Status
Number of LABs/CLBs
Number of Logic Elements/Cells
Total RAM Bits
Number of I/O
Voltage - Supply
1.14V ~ 1.26V
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 100°C (TJ)
Package / Case
Supplier Device Package
676-FBGA (27x27)
Base Product Number


Spartan-6 XILINX FPGAs Field Programmable Gate Array FPGA IC full series:

Part Number Description Series Number of LABs/CLBs Number of Logic Elements/Cells Total RAM Bits Number of I/O Voltage - Supply Operating Temperature Device Package
XC6SLX25T-2FGG484C IC FPGA 250 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 1879 24051 958464 250 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX25T-2CSG324I IC FPGA 190 I/O 324CSBGA Spartan-6 LXT 1879 24051 958464 190 1.14V ~ 1.26V _40~ 100°C (TJ) 324-CSPBGA (15x15)
XC6SLX45T-2CSG324C IC FPGA 190 I/O 324CSBGA Spartan-6 LXT 3411 43661 2138112 190 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 324-CSPBGA (15x15)
XC6SLX45T-2FGG484C IC FPGA 296 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 3411 43661 2138112 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX45T-3FGG484C IC FPGA 296 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 3411 43661 2138112 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX45T-3CSG484C IC FPGA 296 I/O 484CSBGA Spartan-6 LXT 3411 43661 2138112 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-CSPBGA (19x19)
XC6SLX45T-2FGG484I IC FPGA 296 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 3411 43661 2138112 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V -40°C ~ 100°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX45T-3FGG484I IC FPGA 296 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 3411 43661 2138112 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V -40°C ~ 100°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX75T-2FGG484C IC FPGA 268 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 5831 74637 3170304 268 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX100T-3FGG484C IC FPGA 296 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 7911 101261 4939776 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX100T-3CSG484I IC FPGA 296 I/O 484CSBGA Spartan-6 LXT 7911 101261 4939776 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V -40°C ~ 100°C (TJ) 484-CSPBGA (19x19)
XC6SLX100T-3FGG676C IC FPGA 376 I/O 676FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 7911 101261 4939776 376 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 676-FBGA (27x27)
XC6SLX150T-3FGG484C IC FPGA 296 I/O 484FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 11519 147443 4939776 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-FBGA (23x23)
XC6SLX150T-3FGG676I IC FPGA 396 I/O 676FBGA Spartan-6 LXT 11519 147443 4939776 396 1.14V ~ 1.26V -40°C ~ 100°C (TJ) 676-FBGA (27x27)
XC6SLX150T-3CSG484C IC FPGA 296 I/O 484CSBGA Spartan-6 LXT 11519 147443 4939776 296 1.14V ~ 1.26V 0°C ~ 85°C (TJ) 484-CSPBGA (19x19)


Environmental & Export Classifications




RoHS Status ROHS3 Compliant
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)                                   3 (168 Hours)
REACH Status REACH Unaffected
HTSUS 8542.39.0001


Xilinx Spartan 6 XC6SLX16 2FTG256C FPGA IC Field Programmable Gate Array 0Xilinx Spartan 6 XC6SLX16 2FTG256C FPGA IC Field Programmable Gate Array 1


About XILINX FPGA IC Category:

Xilinx offers a comprehensive multi-node portfolio to address requirements across a wide set of applications. Whether you are designing a state-of-the art, high-performance networking application requiring the highest capacity, bandwidth, and performance, or looking for a low-cost, small footprint FPGA to take your software-defined technology to the next level, Xilinx FPGAs and 3D ICs provide you with system integration while optimizing for performance/watt.


Programmable SoCs, MPSoCs, and RFSoCs

Unmatched Performance and Power

Xilinx’s SoC portfolio integrates the software programmability of a processor with the hardware programmability of an FPGA, providing you with unrivaled levels of system performance, flexibility, and scalability. The portfolio gives your designs overall system benefits of power reduction and lower cost with fast time to market.

Programmable 3D ICs

Highest Bandwidth and Integration

Xilinx homogeneous and heterogeneous 3D ICs deliver the highest logic density, bandwidth, and on-chip resources in the industry, breaking new ground in system-level integration. Xilinx UltraScale 3D ICs provide unprecedented levels of system integration, performance, bandwidth, and capability.


Cost-Optimized Portfolio ICs

The Xilinx cost-optimized portfolio is the broadest in the industry, comprising four families that are optimized for specific capabilities:

           Spartan®-6 FPGAs for I/O optimization

  • Spartan-7 FPGAs for I/O optimization with the highest performance-per-watt
  • Artix®-7 FPGAs for transceiver optimization and highest DSP bandwidth
  • Zynq®-7000 programmable SoCs for system optimization with scalable processor integration
  • Artix UltraScale+™ FPGAs for high I/O bandwidth and DSP compute

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XC6VSX315T-1FFG1759I XC6VLX240T-L1FFG784I XC6VLX130T-1FFG1156I XC6VHX250T-2FFG1154C
XC6VSX315T-2FFG1156C XC6VLX365T-1FFG1156C XC6VLX130T-1FFG484C XC6VHX250T-2FFG1154I
XC6VSX315T-2FFG1156I XC6VLX365T-1FFG1156I XC6VLX130T-1FFG484I XC6VHX250T-3FFG1154C
XC6VSX315T-2FFG1759C XC6VLX365T-1FFG1759C XC6VLX130T-1FFG784C XC6VHX255T-1FFG1155C
XC6VSX315T-2FFG1759I XC6VLX365T-1FFG1759I XC6VLX130T-1FFG784I XC6VHX255T-1FFG1155I
XC6VSX315T-3FFG1156C XC6VLX365T-2FFG1156C XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156C XC6VHX255T-1FFG1923C
XC6VSX315T-3FFG1759C XC6VLX365T-2FFG1156I XC6VLX130T-2FFG1156I XC6VHX255T-1FFG1923I
XC6VSX315T-L1FFG1156C XC6VLX365T-2FFG1759C XC6VLX130T-2FFG484C XC6VHX255T-2FFG1155C
XC6VSX315T-L1FFG1156I XC6VLX365T-2FFG1759I XC6VLX130T-2FFG484I XC6VHX255T-2FFG1155I
XC6VSX315T-L1FFG1759C XC6VLX365T-3FFG1156C XC6VLX130T-2FFG784C XC6VHX255T-2FFG1923C
XC6VSX315T-L1FFG1759I XC6VLX365T-3FFG1759C XC6VLX130T-2FFG784I XC6VHX255T-2FFG1923I
XC6VSX475T-1FFG1156C XC6VLX365T-L1FFG1156C XC6VLX130T-3FFG1156C XC6VHX255T-3FFG1155C
XC6VSX475T-1FFG1156I XC6VLX365T-L1FFG1156I XC6VLX130T-3FFG484C XC6VHX255T-3FFG1923C
XC6VSX475T-1FFG1759C XC6VLX365T-L1FFG1759C XC6VLX130T-3FFG784C XC6VHX380T-1FFG1154C
XC6VSX475T-1FFG1759I XC6VLX365T-L1FFG1759I XC6VLX130T-L1FFG1156I XC6VHX380T-1FFG1154I
XC6VSX475T-2FFG1156C XC6VLX550T-1FFG1759C XC6VLX130T-L1FFG484C XC6VHX380T-1FFG1155C
XC6VSX475T-2FFG1156I XC6VLX550T-1FFG1759I XC6VLX130T-L1FFG784C XC6VHX380T-1FFG1155I
XC6VSX475T-2FFG1759C XC6VLX550T-1FFG1760C XC6VLX195T-1FFG1156C XC6VHX380T-1FFG1923C
XC6VSX475T-2FFG1759I XC6VLX550T-1FFG1760I XC6VLX195T-1FFG1156I XC6VHX380T-1FFG1923I
XC6VSX475T-3FFG1156C XC6VLX550T-2FFG1759C XC6VLX195T-1FFG784C XC6VHX380T-1FFG1924C
XC6VSX475T-3FFG1759C XC6VLX550T-2FFG1759I XC6VLX195T-1FFG784I XC6VHX380T-1FFG1924I
XC6VSX475T-L1FFG1156C XC6VLX550T-2FFG1760C XC6VLX195T-2FFG1156C XC6VHX380T-2FFG1154C
XC6VSX475T-L1FFG1156I XC6VLX550T-2FFG1760I XC6VLX195T-2FFG1156I XC6VHX380T-2FFG1154I
XC6VSX475T-L1FFG1759C XC6VLX550T-L1FFG1759C XC6VLX195T-2FFG784C XC6VHX380T-2FFG1155C
XC6VSX475T-L1FFG1759I XC6VLX550T-L1FFG1759I XC6VLX195T-2FFG784I XC6VHX380T-2FFG1155E
XC7A100T-1CSG324C XC6VLX550T-L1FFG1760C XC6VLX195T-3FFG1156C XC6VHX380T-2FFG1155I
XC7A100T-1CSG324I XC6VLX550T-L1FFG1760I XC6VLX195T-3FFG784C XC6VHX380T-2FFG1923C
XC7A100T-1FGG484C XC6VLX75T-1FFG484C XC6VLX195T-L1FFG1156I XC6VHX380T-2FFG1923E
XC7A100T-1FGG484I XC6VLX75T-1FFG484I XC6VLX195T-L1FFG784C XC6VHX380T-2FFG1923I
XC7A100T-1FGG676C XC6VLX75T-1FFG784C XC6VLX195T-L1FFG784I XC6VHX380T-2FFG1924C
XC7A100T-1FGG676I XC6VLX75T-1FFG784I XC6VLX240T-1FFG1156C XC6VHX380T-2FFG1924E
XC7A100T-1FTG256C XC6VLX75T-2FFG484C XC6VLX240T-1FFG1156I XC6VHX380T-2FFG1924I
XC7A100T-1FTG256I XC6VLX75T-2FFG484I XC6VLX240T-1FFG1759C XC6VHX380T-3FFG1154C
XC7A100T-2CSG324C XC6VLX75T-2FFG784C XC6VLX240T-1FFG1759I XC6VHX380T-3FFG1155C
XC7A100T-2CSG324I XC6VLX75T-2FFG784I XC6VLX240T-1FFG784C XC6VHX380T-3FFG1923C
XC7A100T-2FGG484C XC6VLX75T-3FFG484C XC6VLX240T-1FFG784I XC6VHX380T-3FFG1923E
XC7A100T-2FGG484I XC6VLX75T-3FFG784C XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156C XC6VHX380T-3FFG1924C
XC7A100T-2FGG676C XC6VLX75T-L1FFG484C XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156I XC6VHX565T-1FFG1923C
XC7A100T-2FGG676I XC6VLX75T-L1FFG784C XC6VLX240T-2FFG1759C XC6VHX565T-1FFG1923I
XC7A100T-2FTG256C XC6VLX760-1FFG1760C XC6VLX240T-2FFG1759I XC6VHX565T-1FFG1924C
XC7A100T-2FTG256I XC6VLX760-1FFG1760I XC6VLX240T-2FFG784C XC6VHX565T-1FFG1924I
XC7A100T-3CSG324E XC6VLX760-2FFG1760C XC6VLX240T-2FFG784I XC6VHX565T-2FFG1923C
XC7A100T-3FGG484C XC6VLX760-2FFG1760I XC6VLX240T-3FFG1156C XC6VHX565T-2FFG1923E
XC7A100T-3FGG484E XC6VLX760-3FFG1760C XC6VLX240T-3FFG1759C XC6VHX565T-2FFG1923I
XC7A100T-3FGG676C XC6VLX760-3FFG1760I XC6VLX240T-3FFG1759I XC6VHX565T-2FFG1924C





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