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5G Module 1oz Copper PCBA SMT Halogen Free FR4 PCB Multi Layer

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5G Module
Multi-layer Pcb With Large Gold Surface
Mounting Type:
Immersion Gold&resin Plug-hole
Base Material:
FR4-Halogen Free
Outer Copper Thickness:
Copper Thickness(Inner):
Min Hole Diameter:
Minimum Line Width:
(MLI)Min Line Space:
High Light:

1oz Copper PCBA SMT


5G Module 1oz PCBA SMT


SMT Halogen Free FR4 PCB


5G module CIRCUIT board FR4 Halogen-free multi-layer pcb with large gold surface


Angel-tech have been focused on research, development and production of precision multi-layer circuit boards, single

double-sided circuit boards, special boards more than ten years.


Our PCB Assembly Capabilities
Item Technical Parameter
SMT Jointing Min. Space 0201mm
QFP Space Pitch 0.3mm
Min. Package 0201
Min. Size 2*2 inch(50*50mm)
Max. Size 14*22 inch(350*550mm)
Placement Precision ±0.01mm
Placement Precision QFP, SOP, PLCC, BGA
Placement Capability 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201


Our factory has introduced and imported excellent production equipments.

Our circuits boards range from double layers to 24 layers.


The product types include ordinary boards, medium and high Tg boards, involving special processes such as semi-hole,

bonding, impedance, blue glue, carbon oil, gold fingers, blind gongs, buried blind holes , Countersunk holes, etc.;

surface treatment can be ordinary tin spray, lead-free tin spray, immersion gold, electro-nickel gold, electro-hard gold,

QSP, immersion silver, immersion tin or composite processes, etc..


Our PCB are widely used in smart electronics, communications Technology, power technology, industrial control,

security engineering, automotive industry, medical control and optoelectronic engineering and other fields.



Base Material FR4- Halogen-free
Permittivity 4.3
Layer(s) 4
Board Thickness 0.80mm
Outer copper thickness 1oz
Inner copper thickness 1oz
Mounting Type Immersion gold & resin plug-hole
Min Hole Diameter 0.28mm
Minimum line width 0.08mm
(MLI)Min Line Spacing 0.08mm
Application Led lights,display screen
Characteristic resin plug-hole,Halogen free,
Packaging Details Inner: vacuum packing or Anti-static package,
Outer: export carton
or according to the customer's requirement.


5G Module 1oz Copper PCBA SMT Halogen Free FR4 PCB Multi Layer5G Module 1oz Copper PCBA SMT Halogen Free FR4 PCB Multi Layer


5G Module 1oz Copper PCBA SMT Halogen Free FR4 PCB Multi Layer

5G Module 1oz Copper PCBA SMT Halogen Free FR4 PCB Multi Layer


Our PCB factory is fully qualified and has passed a series of certifications including UL, ISO9001, ISO14001,

ISO/TS16949, CQC and so on.


We are a high-tech enterprises is committed to developed by high precision multi-layer circuit boards,allegro and special PCB,

providing customers with fast sample,small and medium batch,mass production.


PCB Lead time (workday(s)) Normally
  Single, Double-sided 4 layer 6 layer Over 8 layer HDI
Sample Lead time (Normal) 5-6 6-7 7-8 10-12 10-12
Sample Lead time (Faster) 48-72 hours 5 6 6-7 12
Mass production lead time 7-9 10-12 13-15 16 20
PCB Assembly Lead time
Sample Lead time PCB Fab+Components preparation +PCBA=15 workdays
Mass production lead time PCB Fab+Components preparation +PCBA=21workdays


Quote Requirement:


*Gerber file of the bare PCB board.

*BOM (Bill of material) for assembly.

*To short the lead time, please kindly advise us if there is any acceptable components substitution.

*Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary.






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