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UC1823L883B UC1823 PWM Controller Integrated Circuits IC For Power Supply

Integrated Circuits IC
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Products Name:
UC1823L883B UC1823 High Speed PWM Controller Integrated Circuits IC
Current Mode PWM Controller 1.5A 1000kHz 20-Pin CLLCC
Electronic Components-Integrated Circuits(IC)
High Frequency Switched Mode Power Supply
Lead Free Status:
RoHS Compliant, PB Free, Lead Free
Operating Temperature:
-40°C ~ 85°C
New And Original Parts
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PWM Controller Integrated Circuits IC


UC1823L883B Integrated Circuits IC


UC1823 Integrated Circuits IC


Integrated Circuits IC Texas Instruments (Electronic Components )

UC1823L883B UC1823 High Speed PWM Controller Integrated circuits IC for high frequency switched mode power supply




The UC1823 family of PWM control ICs is optimized for high frequency switched mode power supply applications. Particular care was given to minimizing propagation delays through the comparators and logic circuitry while maximizing bandwidth and slew rate of the error amplifier. This controller is designed for use in either current-mode or voltage-mode systems with the capability for input voltage feed-forward.
Protection circuitry includes a current limit comparator, a TTL compatible shutdown port, and a soft start pin which will double as a maximum duty cycle clamp. The logic is fully latched to provide jitter free operation and prohibit multiple pulses at the output. An under-voltage lockout section with 800mV of hysteresis assures low start up current. During under-voltage lockout, the output is high impedance. The current limit reference (pin 11) is a DC input voltage to the current limit comparator. Consult specifications for details.
These devices feature a totem pole output designed to source and sink high peak currents from capacitive loads, such as the gate of a power MOSFET. The on state is defined as a high level.
  • Specifications:
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
  High Speed PWM Controller IC
Mfr Texas Instruments
Series UCC
Package Tray & Reel (TR)
Part Status Active
Main Purpose General purpose
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Mounting Type Surface Mount/Though Hole
Package / Case SOIC/DIP/CLCC
Product Base Number UC1823
Topology Boost, Buck, Flyback, Forward
Duty cycle (Max) (%) 85
Supply voltage (Max) (V) 12
UVLO thresholds on/off (V) 9.2/8.4
Features Error Amplifier, Multi-topology, Soft Start, Synchronization Pin
Operating temperature range (C) -55 to 125
Rating Military
Frequency (Max) (kHz) 1000
Gate drive (Typ) (A) 1.5


  • Features:
  • Compatible with Voltage or Current-Mode Topologies
    Practical Operation @ Switching Frequencies to 1.0MHz
    50ns Propagation Delay to Output
    High Current Totem Pole Output (1.5A peak)
    Wide Bandwidth Error Amplifier
    Fully Latched Logic with Double Pulse Suppression
    Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting
    Soft Start/Max. Duty Cycle Control
    Under-Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis
    Low Start Up Current (1.1mA)
    Trimmed Bandgap Reference (5.1V ±1%)


Environmental & Export Classifications:

RoHS Status ROHS3 Compliant
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 3 (168 Hours)
REACH Status REACH Unaffected
HTSUS 8542.39.0001


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Base Part Number MFG Part Number Manufacturer
UC1823 UC1823L883B 5962-9168902VYA
5962-8990502EA 5962-89905022A UC2625MDWREP
UC2625-EP UC1823AJ883B 5962-8764502EA
UC1524A UC1823AL883B UC1524AJ883B
UC1823A-SP 5962-8990502VEA UC1524AL883B
V62/08624-01YE 5962-87681012A 5962-89511032A
UC1525B-SP 5962-8768101EA 5962-8951103EA
UC1526 5962-8768101QFA UC1525AJ883B
UC1825 UC1825J883B UC1525AL883B
UC1526A UC1825L883B 5962-8951105EA
UC1527A UC1825W883B UC1525BJ883B
UC1625-SP 5962-8768101VEA 5962-8951105V2A
5962-8768104V2A 5962-8768104VEA 5962-8951106V2A
UC1825-SP 5962-8768101V2A 8551501VA
UC1527A 5962-87681022A UC1526J883B
UC1825A 5962-8768102EA 85515022A
5962P8768105VYC UC1825AJ883B 8551502VA
5962R8768106V9A UC1825AL883B UC1526AJ883B
UC1825A-SP 5962-8768102V2A UC1526AL883B
5962R8768106VYC 5962-8768102VEA 5962-8951104EA
5962-8990501EA 5962-8768105VEA UC1527AJ883B
UC1823J883B 5962P8768105VEA 5962-89905012A
UC1825B-SP UC1825BHKT/EM Texas Instruments
5962-8951105VEA UC1843AJ883B 5962-8670401PA
UC1843A UC1843AL883B 5962-8670401XA
UC1843A-EP UC1843AMDREP UC1842J883B
UC1843A-EP V62/03625-02YE UC1842L883B
UC1843A-SP 5962-8670406VPA 5962-8670401VPA
UC1842 5962-8670406VXA 5962-8670405PA
UC1842-SP 5962-8670409VPA 5962-8670405XA
UC1842A 5962P8670409VPA UC1842AJ883B
UC1843A-SP 5962P8670409VYC UC1842AL883B
UC1843B-SP 5962R8670412V9A UC1842AMDREP
UC2825AMDWREP 5962R8670412VYC V62/03625-01YE
UC2825AQDWREP UC1843BHKU/EM 5962-8670405VPA
UC2825AQDWREPG4 5962-8670403PA 5962-8670402PA
V62/05616-01XE 5962-8670403XA 5962-8670402XA
V62/05616-02XE UC1844J883B UC1843J
UC2825AQDWRQ1 UC1844L883B UC1843J883B
UC1844-SP 5962-8670403VXA UC1843L883B
UC1844A 5962-8670407PA 5962-8670406PA
UC1844A 5962-8670407XA 5962-8670406XA
UC1856 UC1863J883B UC1844AJ883B
UC1863 UC1863L883B UC1844AL883B
UC1863-SP 5962-9203103V2A UC1844AMDREP
UC1875 5962-9455501M3A V62/03625-03YE
UC1845A-SP 5962-9455501MRA 5962-8670407VPA
UC1846 UC1875J883B 5962-8670404DA
UC1875 UC1875L883B 5962-8670404PA
UC1875-SP 5962-9455501VRA 5962-8670404XA
UC1856 5962-9455502VKA UC1845J883B
UC1856-SP 5962-9455502VRA UC1845L883B
UC2524 UC2524DW UC1845W883B
UC2524A UC2524ADW 5962-8670404VPA
UC2524A UC2524ADWTR 5962-8670404VXA
UC2524A UC2524AN 5962-8670408PA
UC2525A UC2525ADW 5962-8670408XA
UC2525A UC2525ADWTR UC1845AJ883B
UC2525A UC2525AN UC1845AL883B
UC2525B UC2525BDWTR V62/03625-04YE
UC2526 UC2526N 5962-8670408VPA
UC2526A UC2526ADW 5962-8670408VXA
UC2526A UC2526ADWTR 5962P8670411VPA
UC2526A UC2526AN 5962P8670411VYC
UC2527A UC2527AN 5962-86806012A
UC28023 UC28023DW 5962-8680601EA
UC28023 UC28023DWR UC1846J883B
UC28025 UC28025DW UC1846L883B
UC28025 UC28025DWR UC1846MDWREP
UC28025 UC28025N V62/06606-01XE
UC2823 UC2823DW 5962-9453001M2A
UC2823 UC2823DWTR 5962-9453001MEA
UC2823 UC2823N UC1856J883B
UC2823A UC2823ADW UC1856L20883B
UC2823A UC2823ADWTR 5962-9453001VEA
UC2823A UC2823AN 5962-9453001VXC
UC2823B UC2823BDW 5962-9203103Q2A
UC2824 UC2824DW 5962-9203103QEA
UC2824 UC2824N UC2841DW
UC2825 UC2825DW UC2841N
UC2825 UC2825DWTR UC2842D
UC2825 UC2825N UC2842D8
UC2825A UC2825ADW UC2842D8TR
UC2825A UC2825ADWTR UC2842N
UC2825A UC2825AN UC2842AD
UC2825B UC2825BDW UC2842AD8
UC2825B UC2825BN UC2842AD8TR
UC2827-1 UC2827DW-1 UC2842ADTR
UC2842A UC2827DWTR-1 UC2842ADW
UC2827-2 UC2827DW-2 UC2842ADWTR
UC2842A UC2842AN UC2842AQD8
UC2844A UC2844AD UC2842AQD8R
UC2844A UC2844AD8 UC2842AQDR
UC2844A UC2844AD8TR UC2843D
UC2844A UC2844ADTR UC2843D8
UC2844A UC2844AN UC2843D8TR
UC2844A UC2844AQD8 UC2843DTR
UC2844A UC2844AQD8R UC2843N
UC2844A UC2844AQDR UC2843AD



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