Analog Digital Potentiometers Integrated Circuit IC AD5204BRUZ10 AD5206BRUZ10

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Place of Origin: Malaysia
Brand Name: Analog Devices Inc
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: AD5204BRUZ10 AD5206BRUZ10
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10pieces
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: REEL/TRAY/TUBE
Delivery Time: 3working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000PCS

Detail Information

Features: IC DGT POT 10KOHM 256TAP 24TSSOP Product Name: Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers Integrated Circuit IC
Description: Digital Potentiometer 10k Ohm 6 Circuit 256 Taps SPI Interface 24-TSSOP Category: Integrated Circuits(IC)-Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers
Type: General Purpose Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Base Part Number: AD5204 AD5206 Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C (TC)
High Light:

AD5204BRUZ10 Integrated Circuit IC


AD5206BRUZ10 Integrated Circuit IC


Digital Potentiometers Integrated Circuit IC

Product Description

AD5204BRUZ10 AD5206BRUZ10 Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers Integrated Circuit IC


AD5204AD5206 Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers Integrated circuit IC

AD5204BRUZ10 AD5206BRUZ10-4-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers

Mechanical potentiometer replacement
Instrumentation: gain, offset adjustment
Programmable voltage-to-current conversion
Programmable filters, delays, time constants
Line impedance matching



► 256 positions
► Multiple independently programmable channels
► AD5204—4-channel
► AD5206—6-channel
► Potentiometer replacement
► Terminal resistance of 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ, 100 kΩ
► 3-wire SPI-compatible serial data input
► +2.7 V to +5.5 V single-supply operation; ±2.7 V dual-supply operation
► Power-on midscale preset

Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers Integrated circuit IC Specification :AD5206BRUZ10

Category Electronic components-Integrated circuits
Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers
Analog Devices Inc.
Product Status
Number of Circuits
Number of Taps


Resistance (Ohms)
Memory Type
Voltage - Supply
2.7V ~ 5.5V, ±2.3V ~ 2.7V
Selectable Address
Temperature Coefficient (Typ)
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Supplier Device Package
Package / Case
24-TSSOP (0.173", 4.40mm Width)
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 85°C
Resistance - Wiper (Ohms) (Typ)
Base Product Number

 The AD5204/AD5206 provide 4-/6-channel, 256-position digitally controlled variable resistor (VR) devices. These devices perform the same electronic adjustment function as a potentiometer or variable resistor.
Each channel of the AD5204/AD5206 contains a fixed resistor with a wiper contact that taps the fixed resistor value at a
point determined by a digital code loaded into the SPI-compatible serial-input register. The resistance between the wiper and either endpoint of the fixed resistor varies linearly with respect to the digital code transferred into the VR latch. The variable resistor offers a completely programmable value of resistance between the
A terminal and the wiper or the B terminal and the wiper.
The fixed A-to-B terminal resistance of 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ, or 100 kΩ has a nominal temperature coefficient of 700 ppm/°C.
Each VR has its own VR latch that holds its programmed resistance value.
These VR latches are updated from an internal serial-to-parallel shift register that is loaded from a standard 3-wire serial-input digital interface. Eleven data bits make up the data-word clocked into the serial input register.
The first three bits are decoded to determine which VR latch is loaded with the last eight bits of the
data-word when the CS strobe is returned to logic high.
A serial data output pin at the opposite end of the serial register (AD5204 only) allows simple daisy chaining in multiple VR applications without requiring additional external decoding logic.
An optional reset (PR) pin forces all the AD5204 wipers to the midscale position by loading 0x80 into the VR latch.



More Analog Devices Digital Potentiometers Integrated circuit IC :

Part Number kΩ Package
AD5204BN10 10 N-24-1
AD5204BR10 10 RW-24
AD5204BR10-REEL 10 RW-24
AD5204BRZ10 10 RW-24
AD5204BRZ10-REEL 10 RW-24
AD5204BRU10 10 RU-24
AD5204BRU10-REEL7 10 RU-24
AD5204BRUZ10 10 RU-24
AD5204BRUZ10-REEL7 10 RU-24
AD5204BCPZ10-REEL 10 CP-32-3
AD5204BCPZ10-REEL7 10 CP-32-3
AD5204BN50 50 N-24-1
AD5204BR50 50 RW-24
AD5204BR50-REEL 50 RW-24
AD5204BRZ50 50 RW-24
AD5204BRZ50-REEL 50 RW-24
AD5204BRU50 50 RU-24
AD5204BRU50-REEL 50 RU-24
AD5204BRU50-REEL7 50 RU-24
AD5204BRUZ50 50 RU-24
AD5204BRUZ50-REEL7 50 RU-24
AD5204BN100 100 N-24-1
AD5204BR100 100 RW-24
AD5204BR100-REEL 100 RW-24
AD5204BRZ100 100 RW-24
AD5204BRZ100-REEL 100 RW-24
AD5204BRU100 100 RU-24
AD5204BRU100-REEL7 100 RU-24
AD5204BRUZ100 100 RU-24
AD5204BRUZ100-R7 100 RU-24
AD5206BN10 10 N-24-1
AD5206BR10 10 RW-24
AD5206BR10-REEL 10 RW-24
AD5206BRZ10 10 RW-24
AD5206BRZ10-REEL 10 RW-24
AD5206BRU10 10 RU-24
AD5206BRU10-REEL7 10 RU-24
AD5206BRUZ10 10 RU-24
AD5206BRUZ10-RL7 10 RU-24
AD5206BN50 50 N-24-1
AD5206BR50 50 RW-24
AD5206BR50-REEL 50 RW-24
AD5206BRZ50 50 RW-24
AD5206BRU50 50 RW-24
AD5206BRU50-REEL 50 RW-24
AD5206BRU50-REEL7 50 RW-24
AD5206BRUZ50 50 RW-24
AD5206BRUZ50-REEL7 50 RW-24
AD5206BN100 100 N-24-1
AD5206BR100 100 RW-24
AD5206BR100-REEL 100 RW-24
AD5206BRZ100 100 RW-24
AD5206BRU100 100 RU-24
AD5206BRU100-REEL7 100 RU-24
AD5206BRUZ100 100 RU-24
AD5206BRUZ100-RL7 100 RU-24


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