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A Modular Approach to Building Control Panels: NCN5140S and NCL31010

June 10, 2022

Latest company news about A Modular Approach to Building Control Panels: NCN5140S and NCL31010

June 8, 2022 - ONSEMI (NASDAQ: on), which is ahead of intelligent power supply and intelligent sensing technology, launched two complete system solutions to support the most widely used building automation network protocols - Poe and KNX.


Ncn5140s simplifies the development of access control and control panel. It is the first system level package (SIP) certified by KNX Association in the industry. Ncn5140s integrates all key and certifiable components of KNX equipment in a single package, including a digital KNX transceiver and a 32-bit arm with pre certification software stack ® Cortex ®- M0+ microcontroller and system power dc-dc converter. The high integration of ncn5140s greatly reduces material costs, allowing manufacturers to develop very thin and modern designs (total thickness <5 mm).


Ansenmey also launched a complete interconnected lighting scheme ncl31010 powered by Ethernet. This device is unique and no other device on the market can compare with it. It integrates an intelligent LED driver and Poe interface into a single package to support the lighting and power requirements of fully interconnected and managed lighting systems.


Michel de mey, vice president of ansenmey's industrial solutions division, said: "with the increasing momentum of building automation devices, the industry needs solutions that can integrate the necessary functions in simple and compact packages. Ansenmey has introduced pre certified KNX SIP and new intelligent LED drivers, providing manufacturers with the latest technologies and first mover advantages, enabling them to develop complex and large-scale automation systems in a shorter time."


KNX products must demonstrate compliance with supported protocols and profiles through the association's certification program to ensure seamless connectivity. Because the ncn5140s platform is pre certified, products based on this device inherit this compliance and do not need KNX certification test. All that is needed is the KNX product modification statement, which saves the time and engineering labor for the complete certification process.


The IEEE 802.3bt compliant ncl31010 can provide more than 90 watts of power via Poe. An innovative application of the device is visible light communication (VLC), which is made possible by efficient buck LED driver. This involves directly modulating the data which is difficult to be detected by human eyes to the LED lamp, so that it can broadcast the data and use it as a positioning beacon for the indoor positioning system

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